I just received my TEF Canada results: I managed to get B2 for all 4 skills!
Thanks to your advice, I managed to go from B1 to B2 in only 2 months, it’s impressive!



Pauline is an outstanding teacher. I am always impressed by her ability to provide focused, useful feedback in a consistent yet unintrusive manner during our lessons. I think this aspect is paramount for both developing a strong foundation in French and obtaining fluency. I’ve taken over 30 lessons with her thus far (and plan to take many, many more), and she has been prepared and engaged during every single minute of these lessons. Although she takes teaching extremely seriously, she is also very warm, kind, and encouraging. Learning a language is not easy, so having someone like Pauline as a teacher is an incredibly valuable asset. I highly recommend her.


United States

I’ve been learning French for about two years now (on and off), and tried a few different teachers. I have found that Pauline’s classes have stood out due to her preparedness and professionalism. She always plans for each class diligently and tailors them around my goals and objectives. I especially like the fact that she tries to challenge you rather than making classes too easy, which I have found to be the case with other teachers. Most importantly she is very patient, which is handy for all those little grammar/ pronunciation mistakes which is part and parcel of learning a new language. I can highly recommend Pauline. I started with her when I was A1/A2 (beginner) level and I feel like I have progressed a lot with her. I think the biggest testament for her teaching is that my French contacts have complimented me on my progression, which is a rare thing from some Francophones! 🙂  Merci beaucoup Pauline.


United Kingdom

I’ve been learning French with Pauline going on for months now.  She’s what I like to call my “Super-Prof”.  Well-read in any number of subjects, she carries on an intellectually challenging level of conversation no matter one’s level of French, consistently correcting errors as they occur, all without coming across as being condescending.  You’ll not only learn tricky verb conjugations like the conditionnel and the passé composé, you’ll be introduced to magical characters from French culture like Honoré de Balzac, Robert Bresson, and Jacques Tati.  I’m not only learning faster than I ever have before, I’m relaxed and having fun while it’s happening (and I’m pretty sure Pauline throws in the laughs for free!).


United States

I started to take classes with Pauline to prepare for the DALF C1. I lacked confidence but with the lessons I gained the confidence I needed to succeed. In the end, the result was even better than I expected: my score was 85.5!

Pauline is a very patient and attentive teacher. Even on days when I was frustrated, she encouraged me to go further. The DALF C1 was the first step in pursuing my dream: to start a master’s degree in France. I highly recommend Pauline, for her professional competence and her thoughtfulness.



Pauline’s sound, intuitive didactic skills, wit, and enthusiasm for helping students is matched with an ease of approach that has, in a very short time, greatly supported and accelerated my process of acquiring greater ease, accuracy, and depth of self-expression in French! I highly recommend her to students of any level who wish to make lasting progress toward their goals and enjoy every step of the way.


United States

Pauline is an excellent teacher! I took her speaking class for a month for the preparation of DALF exam. Her courses were really helpful and she is very experienced and responsible. Not only did she answer all my questions, but also point out the mistakes I made during the courses. Other than language, Pauline also introduced French culture, social life in France and so much more about France to me. In addition, she gave me a lot of encouragement when I was stressed about the coming exam. Thanks to her help, I passed DALF C1 with good grades in speaking (21/25). I highly recommend Pauline’s French course!

Mo Yuan


Pauline is an incredible teacher! I’d definitely recommend her to my friends! She really makes the process enjoyable!



First, I have to say that whatever program you choose from Pauline you cannot go wrong. She is an amazing teacher whose expertise, patience, and ability to create a fun and effective learning environment have dramatically improved my French and deepened my understanding of French Culture. I learn something new in every lesson and come away looking forward to the next one.


United States

I finally received my TEF results! I have C1 for all parts of the exam! It is a real miracle. Thank you thank you thank you for your lessons and for your help! I’m very happy to have had you as a coach! That’s high five of me! Thank you again!




I really enjoy and look forward to my weekly lessons with Pauline. Continuing to advance and improve in French beyond an intermediate level has been challenging and at times frustrating for me, but Pauline has a very encouraging and supportive teaching style and makes each lesson interesting and relevant. Pauline tailors the lessons to my learning needs and language goals, whether it be reading and discussing articles on current events and French culture or helping me prepare for an upcoming DELF exam. I feel more confident in my ability to express myself in French since I started working with Pauline, and I would highly recommend her to others interested in taking their French to the next level. She has been a great partner on my French language journey!


United States

Learning French with Pauline has been a great experience.

With her, I could enrich my French vocabulary and proper usage of expressions, to an extent that is otherwise impossible to reach. Her lessons are built both in a planned and organized way to ensure the covering of the entire material, and she also manages to give you further knowledge beyond the scope of the lesson. She can answer ANY question that remains unanswered or misunderstood, and in this way make your French classes interactive and efficient. With that much provided, I could even guarantee success in any level of French language exam when studying with her. It has been a pleasant, intellectual and efficient French language learning with Pauline.



Pauline helped me a lot to pass the DELF exam. She is patient and has often combined similar themes of written comprehension and oral expression. I find it was very helpful. Actually, these are the two sections where I got the best marks.



Pauline is a wonderful teacher. As a beginner, learning a new language can be really daunting. Pauline really makes the process simple and fun. She is well prepared for every class and tailors the material to your needs. Best of all, Pauline is very supportive. She creates a calming environment for you to practice and really champions you to stay motivated. I cannot recommend her enough.


United States

Sessions with Pauline often go by very quickly. Pauline is very patient and always flexible (thematically and in time). Our discussions on politics, society and religion are very interesting. Pauline is always energetic and optimistic. The sessions with her are very motivating. She helped me a lot to prepare for a job interview.



Pauline is one of the most skilled and patient teachers I’ve had the pleasure to work with. My lessons with her have been universally entertaining and interesting, and I have come away from each with something new to practice. I highly recommend her classes, even though this means there will be less availability for me!


United States

I got my DALF C2’s result, I passed!!!!! I’m so glad. The oral grade is not bad, I got 33, the written grade is not very good, 22, but I am really satisfied with it because the examiners here are always much stricter. Thank you very much!!!! I would not have passed without your help.

Wu Yue


I got my TCF  results, I am B2 level 🎉🎊🎉🎊🎉🎊🎉  Thank you for your help! I’m very happy! 🙂