‘Speak Up French Le Podcast’

The French podcast for intermediate and advanced learners

Improve your listening comprehension

Get your study plan, enhance your vocabulary & expression

Get a better understanding of French culture

Get personalized corrections and deepen your knowledge on the private group

Listen to French natives from all walks of life talk about original topics & become a natural French speaker faster!

Pauline, French language coach

As a certified French language coach, I founded Speak Up French to help intermediate and advanced learners gain proficiency in French.

Learning French does not mean accumulating knowledge but building your ability to communicate as you wish to write your own story in French.

This is why I create learning experiences that allow you to really transform theory into practice.

And because I love to stimulate your curiosity, motivation, and engagement, my programs invite you to meet French people and to read the many faces of French culture.


Want to know more about my addiction to language learning and delicious ‘macarons’? It’s over here.


Speak Up French’s ‘Club Podcast’ is chock full of interesting interviews with various personalities from French life; artists, actresses, entrepreneurs, all experts in their respective fields. In addition to the great interviews, you also get transcripts of the podcasts which help with comprehension while you listen along. The transcripts also include helpful vocabulary and explanations of various French expressions and idioms which GoogleTranslate probably wouldn’t be able to handle. I heartily recommend Pauline’s podcast to any intermediate and advanced student of French who’s looking to take it to the next level.


United States

First, I have to say that whatever program you choose from Pauline you cannot go wrong. She is an amazing teacher whose expertise, patience, and ability to create a fun and effective learning environment have dramatically improved my French and deepened my understanding of French Culture. I learn something new in every lesson and come away looking forward to the next one.


United States

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