One-on-one coaching

Boost your learning

Speed up your learning curve

When you learn French, you rarely have the opportunity to practice intensively with a native speaker, let alone receive relevant, in-depth and detailed feedback that ensures progression and clarity of expression.

You want to be able to express yourself as you do in your native language, but you are quickly overwhelmed by complex expressions or structures. You repeat the same mistakes over and over again. You no longer know what to focus on to continue to progress and you lose motivation and efficiency.


One-on-one coaching greatly speeds up your learning curve. Let’s enhance your efficiency in learning!

A direct progress

One-on-one sessions are for training, deepening and setting up tailor-made strategies to accelerate your progress. The perfect place to make all the mistakes you can! You risk nothing except laughing and gaining more clarity of expression and understanding.

The process and content of the sessions are based on your goals, your resistance, your strengths, and weaknesses. You will be provided with personalized materials and learning tools before and after each session. You benefit from access to a platform where you can ask questions between sessions and continue the discussion with the community.


Get customized flashcards for vocabulary and memory enhancement

Adopt customized strategies to optimize your skills 

Receive feedback & follow-up of your progress 

Join the private group to practice and deepen your skills even more with group calls, challenges etc.

Pauline, French language coach

As a certified French language coach, I founded Speak Up French to help intermediate and advanced learners gain proficiency in French.

Learning French does not mean accumulating knowledge but building your ability to communicate as you wish to write your own story in French.

This is why I create learning experiences that allow you to really transform theory into practice.

And because I love to stimulate your curiosity, motivation, and engagement, my programs invite you to meet French people and to read the many faces of French culture.


Want to know more about my addiction to language learning and delicious ‘macarons’? It’s over here.


Let’s focus on your goals :

Hack French

Deepen the key concepts of language and culture and assimilate theory through practice. Clarify your speech and writing, enrich your vocabulary and improve your pronunciation. Spoiler alert: yes, you are hacking French and you will have to make an effort. Even hackers are dedicated.

Exams prep – DELF DALF TCF TEF

Hone your 4 skills with specific exercises and mock exams. Build your oral and written expression, vocabulary, grammar and pronunciation. Acquire winning strategies, know how to structure your thinking and express yourself on subjects with brilliance and clarity.

Business in French

Preparing an application for a position that requires sustained proficiency in French? Do you need to communicate on a regular basis with French colleagues or clients? The Business session will provide you with the vocabulary and technical expressions you need to make your expression professional and effective.

French literature

Are you a literature nerd and want to discover the richness of French-language works? Want to read your favorite authors in French? I will guide you in discovering and deepening your knowledge of classic and modern French authors. And who knows you might even start writing your first short story in French!

How it works 

Book an individual session first if you want a trial session.

✔ Subsequent sessions are in packages of 5 or 10 sessions.

✔  Join the private group to exchange with the community and benefit from weekly bonuses.

 Individual coaching sessions are available for intermediate and advanced learners. Would you like more specific coaching? Send me a message.


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