Your French tailor-made program 

Whether you live in France or abroad, you likely encounter these difficulties in your French learning journey:

  • a lack of feedback: French speakers you meet don’t correct your mistakes (both out of politeness and lack of time or even interest). They want to understand you and for you to understand them, period.
  • a lack of personalization: you adapt to the resources you find (books, applications, passive online training, etc.) more than they adapt to YOU, YOUR strengths, YOUR weaknesses, and YOUR goals.
  • a lack of time & consistency: You don’t know what to focus on to breakthrough. And without a roadmap, you often postpone your study. 

Unlock your French

To really level up in French, you need :

  • a 100% personalized roadmap to define your destination and get there.
  • Precise and detailed feedback to correct the mistakes that block your French once and for all.
  • Customized materials that consolidate your skills and challenge you to acquire new ones.
  • Regularity and flexibility, to be able to study when you want to, while staying in constant contact with me.
  • Motivation and support: you are backed every step of the way, you join a private group. #neveralone

Le Balzar intensive program allows you to practice your French whenever you want. You get all the feedback and support you need to progress.

What you get :

  • a first one-on-one session of 30 min. to evaluate your level and define your objectives
  • 4 x weekly study plan to focus and structure your practice
  • 3 x correction & feedback session (audio, video, manuscript) to polish your French
  • 1x 1 one-on-one session ok 60 min. (the Classic Balzar) or 2x 1 one-on-one sessions of 60 min. (the Premium Balzar) to clarify your assimilation, consolidate, and deepen your progress.
  • 1 monthly report to know how to continue your progress
  • free access to the private group to exchange, deepen and enjoy the group energy

Your roadmap helps you to progress without interruption. Stay inspired in the long run!

Written, audio and video feedback guide you every step of the way

Your oral expression is clearer and more precise, you regularly interact with your coach

Your monthly report shows you how to continue and optimize your French language learning

Pauline, French language coach

As a certified French language coach, I founded Speak Up French to help intermediate and advanced learners gain proficiency in French.

Learning French does not mean accumulating knowledge but building your ability to communicate as you wish to write your own story in French.

This is why I create learning experiences that allow you to really transform theory into practice.

And because I love to stimulate your curiosity, motivation, and engagement, my programs invite you to meet French people and to read the many faces of French culture.


Want to know more about my addiction to language learning and delicious ‘macarons’? It’s over here.


At the end of the month, your celebrations:

🏆  Flowing: you have identified and corrected what was preventing you from communicating clearly and effectively

🏆 Boldness: you have considerably improved your spontaneity and will have gained more self-confidence

🏆Autonomy : you know exactly how to optimize your talents and what you need to work on afterward to continue your progress

Did you know?

Le Balzar is a mythical brasserie located in’Le Quartier Latin’ in Paris. Along with its Art Deco atmosphere, large mirrors and woodwork, it’s famous for its gastronomy and for the quality of relationship its waiters establish with people.

I grew up in Paris and lived in ‘Le Quartier Latin’. Le Balzar is for me the place for special events and celebrations! (plus, their tarte tatin is incredible)

First I have to say that whatever program you choose from Pauline you can not go wrong. She is an amazing teacher whose expertise, patience, and ability to create a fun and effective learning environment have dramatically improved my French and deepened my understanding of French Culture. I learn something new in every lesson and come away looking forward to the next one.

After living in France for over a year, I found that I needed a more focused, intense, and structured program to take my French to the next level quickly. But I also wanted a fun, dynamic, and interesting program that focused on French culture. Pauline’s ‘Le Balzar’ Fluency Premium program was the perfect fit that checked all the boxes for me. Besides focusing on all aspects of language learning using modern tools (audio, video, online groups), it does so through learning about France and  French culture itself.

And maybe the best thing is that Pauline is there with you the entire way, to correct/suggest, answer questions, provide feedback, and to encourage you when you get times get tough. That personal touch and involvement make all the difference. I highly recommend this program for those looking to become more fluent and confident with their French.



Read more of Paul's testimony

1. What were you looking for before you took the Balzar program?

I was looking for a more focused and structured French program to improve my spoken French. I had passed the beginner level and even the lower intermediate level and I was stuck on a plateau. I was having trouble making complex sentences, putting my thoughts together in coherent, clear and understandable French. And then I needed to work on my pronunciation. With Spanish as my mother tongue, I mixed a lot of Spanish sounds with French sounds.

2. What did you learn with this program about French in general, your own French or your approach to languages?

I learned a ton of things. My comprehension improved a lot by listening to and transcribing videos in French. I learned to focus more on the quality of what I was saying rather than talking a lot. I learned a lot of important subtleties, like the importance of the correct pronunciation of un vs une, ou ce vs c’est. I also learned more about French culture and some of its subtleties, such as “politeness” in French and the difference it can make to better interact with the French. But perhaps the biggest lesson I’ve learned from my approach to learning French is how and why to focus on quality over quantity, and on the nuances of the language, not just on speaking as fast and as often as possible. Pauline compares this process to learning a martial art and the importance of first being slow and deliberate in learning complex skills before being able to perform them at full speed. This subtle mental model helped me learn French in an optimized way.

3. What are the concrete results for you?

The results for me have been incredible. I have much more confidence in my French. I am less afraid to speak. I can have real discussions/conversations in French, not just a 2 or 3 sentence interaction at the market or in a restaurant. I was able to go out with local neighbors and have meaningful interactions. I am much better able to interact with the official services of France: the commune, the local government, the health service, and even the tax authorities. In fact, Le Balzar has improved my quality of life in France.


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Le Balzar program is designed for intermediate and advanced learners. If you need specific coaching, send me a message.