Do you repeat the same errors again and again?

Are there key points of French that you understand but cannot use? 
Do you still have trouble making yourself understood in French?
Do you often feel limited in your expression?

You have been learning French for some time now and would like to express yourself as you do in your native language. But you understand more than you can express yourself. 

You repeat the same mistakes – the ones your friends or colleagues don’t correct – and you don’t know what to focus on to really improve. Little by little, you lose motivation and efficiency!

What if you could

:coche_trait_plein: Easily clarify once and for all the errors that hinder your communication in French

:coche_trait_plein: Make continuous progress by improving your skills AND your self-confidence

:coche_trait_plein: Polish and perfect your French to an advanced level

One-on-one sessions: improve your skills, boost your progress and get winning strategies

In individual coaching, we focus on your personal goals and skills, to build on your strengths and effectively transform your communication in French. You improve your 4 skills, stay motivated, and acquire strategies that optimize your learning

Choose your package

Expertise – 350€

7 x 60-minute session

Excellence – 735€

15 x 60-minute session

3 types of coaching

  • Level up: You want to improve your level and gain clarity of expression and comprehension; you want to express yourself in a more natural way, enhance your vocabulary, and master the different registers of language in order to manage all the situations of your social life in French.
  • DELF DALF TEF TCF Prep exam: You are preparing an exam for your professional career, to integrate into a French university, or for immigration. You wish to train for specific tests, conduct mock exams, acquire winning methodologies, and strategies to obtain the best score.
  • Literature: You want to read and discover some modern or classical authors of French literature; you would like to explore French culture and history through literature and learn to analyze all literary genres. The works of Albert Camus, Marcel Proust, Boris Vian or even Denis Diderot (to name a few) are just waiting for you!

Speak Up French’s method

Action All learning is based on action and regularity. To learn is to train yourself until it is natural.  And it can be as fun as engaging! To get from point A to point B, you need to take action, and most importantly, you need to know what actions to take. I have built the systems and strategies that help you to become an excellent communicator in French.  

Community: There is nothing like a community of peers to exchange and motivate each other. Join the private group to meet other motivated learners, ask your questions, participate in weekly exercises, quizzes, debates, and challenges! It’s a safe place to be bold, explore, and move forward in your French language journey.

The results

:coche_trait_plein: You correct errors that prevent you from moving forward
:coche_trait_plein: You strengthen your skills and confidence
:coche_trait_plein: You express yourself more and more naturally
:coche_trait_plein: You build the social and professional connections you want to make

Pauline, French language instructor

Welcome to Speak Up French!

I am Pauline, I create the authentic & customized experiences that enable you to build your French skills so that you can create the connections you dream of.

I have helped so far over 350 students around the world to improve their French language skills and achieve their academic, professional, and cultural goals in French.

My coaching combines listening skills with winning strategies. My pedagogy emphasizes commitment, motivation, and full immersion in the language.

motivated learners



DELF/DALF success

I have been learning French for about two years now (intermittently), and I have tried several different teachers. I have found that Pauline’s classes really make a difference in terms of preparation and professionalism.

She always prepares each class carefully and adapts them according to my goals and objectives. I especially like the fact that she tries to challenge me rather than make the classes too easy, which is the case with other teachers. Above all, she is very patient, which is handy for all those little grammar and pronunciation mistakes that are an integral part of learning a new language. I highly recommend Pauline.

I started with her when I was at the A1/A2 level (beginner) and I progressed a lot with her. I think the greatest testimony to her teaching is that my French contacts complimented me on my progress, which is rare for some Francophones! 🙂 Thank you very much, Pauline.


United Kingdom

Pauline is one of the most competent and patient teachers I have had the pleasure of working with. My classes with her were unanimously entertaining and interesting, and I left each one with something new to practice. I highly recommend her classes, even if it means less availability for me!



I really enjoy my weekly classes with Pauline, and I always look forward to the next one. Continuing to progress and improve in French beyond an intermediate level has been challenging – sometimes frustrating for me – but Pauline has a very encouraging teaching style and makes each lesson interesting and relevant.

Pauline adapts the lessons to my learning needs and language goals, whether it is reading and discussing articles on current events and French culture or helping me prepare for my next DELF exam. I feel more confident in my ability to express myself in French since I started working with Pauline, and I highly recommend her to others interested in moving on to the next level in their French. She is an excellent partner in my French language journey!



Choose your package or book your Roadmap session

Expertise – 350€

7 x 60-minute session

Excellence – 735€

15 x 60-minute session

Roadmap session 50€

 a 60-minute session

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I would like to try before choosing a package, is it possible?

Yes, of course! Click on “book your trial session” (30 min./25€) and book the date and time that suits you best. A trial session is a real class. I evaluate your level, your strengths, and your weaknesses. You will have a personalized assessment to help you in your progress.

I am a beginner, is individual coaching right for me?

Speak Up French programs are mainly aimed at learners pre B1 to C2. However, personalized coaching sessions are totally open to A1 and A2 level learners. Book a trial session! We will get to know you in order to define your goals and your learner profile.

I would like to alternate Level up and DELF B2 preparation sessions, is this possible?

Yes, sure! You can choose a goal for each session when booking. You can vary the themes from one session to another. If you have not indicated a theme, no problem, I will contact you if I need a clarification. Plus, you can always contact me by email or on WhatsApp!

I booked my sessions but I can't attend one of them, what can I do?

You can cancel or reschedule your sessions at any time up to 48 hours in advance of the session. You just need to connect to your student space via the reservation calendar: you can cancel the session or reschedule it at a date that suits you best.

I bought a package but I am unable to use it in time. Can I get a refund?

A package not started and canceled 48 hours in advance will be fully refunded. Started packages are not refunded. You have 6 months to use them and this period can of course be extended.

Never get stuck learning French again!

Do you prefer to study at your own pace? ‘Le Balzar’ program is for you!

Le Balzar program is made for you! Le Balzar is a monthly program that gives you:

✔️ weekly personalized study plan 

✔️ weekly corrections and feedbacks 

✔️ access to a personal messaging system

➕  one 1-on-1 session