Build up your French in real situation

Make the city your French-language learning and adventure ground


Talk with natives

Improve your oral skills

Gain in expertise


Build your confidence

Immersion is the best way to effectively improve your French

✔ You are naturally encouraged to express yourself and connect with others in French. You speak French at 100%.

✔ You improve your technical French and social skills in all everyday situations and social events.

Your real life in French

Spending hours in a classroom can limit your learning of French. You accumulate knowledge but lack practice. Once in real life, your social skills in French are still deficient.

Immersion takes you in real life and invites you to live yours to the fullest in French. You learn to use your mistakes more than you hide them, you gain confidence and build the skills that allow you to make the connections you want.

Immersion course program :

  • Practice with native speakers (min. 5 hours/day).
  • Practical exercises and challenges in the city.
  • Discussion and debates on culture, gastronomy, art, cinema, social issues and much more!
  • Personalized supervision, evaluation, and final assessment to continue progressing after the course.
  • Visit of the historical areas of La Rochelle and surroundings (Ile de ré, etc.).
  • Optional workshops: cooking classes with a chef, wine tasting and oenology courses, water activities, yoga classes, etc.

Immersion offers hundreds of opportunities to speak and receive personalized corrections. Real-life situations push you to challenge yourself and allow you to effectively perfect your communication in French.

Chef Arnaud Bontour and Paul on a cooking class in French

Hedwige, Alexis, Ben, and Delphine for a weekend in sunny La Rochelle

Noriko and Pauline on a French course on a catamaran

I recently participated in one of Pauline’s intense immersion programs in La Rochelle. This was my second year in a row doing an immersion program with Pauline. I am in the process of preparing for the DELF B2 level via private courses with Pauline. 

My goal for the immersion this year was to focus on several key learning goals that I had and certain old challenges that I was having trouble mastering. I wanted to begin to have discussions about my business on a professional level in French but at the same time I had to go back to some basics and work on mastering the use of certain prepositions, conjugating reflexive verbs, and even some subtle but important pronunciations of key French sounds. I was able to do all that and more! This is one of the great things about the program – that it is custom tailored to your goals and needs. Pauline tailored a program that met my learning goals in motivational and fun environment.  And it is not just about the course work. La Rochelle is a perfect place for such a program with its small town charm but big city amenities. I even had the chance to take an evening cooking class with a renowned French Chef, 100% in French of course. All in all it was a fantastic learning and life experience that I highly recommend to anyone.


United States

I work for a French-speaking institution based in Switzerland but have always felt self-conscious practicing my French with my colleagues. I had a good knowledge on paper of basic grammar and sentence structure, but never had the opportunity or confidence to have full conversations with others. I finally decided after a few online sessions with Pauline to go to La Rochelle and do a 1-on-1 immersion course with her, and it was the best thing I could have done.

Pauline and Okimi were so welcoming, friendly, and adaptable. We ate out together, went shopping, watched French films, meditated, and even spent a weekend with her parents in their local village! Every session we had was customized to my needs and Pauline never judged me for making mistakes. I went to Paris right after and spoke French the entire weekend with locals, what an achievement 🙂
I feel much more confident in my ability now, and am so motivated to continue my French practice. Even more, it was a really special experience that I will remember for the rest of my life.

United States

Pauline, coach de langue française

As a certified French language coach, I founded Speak Up French to help intermediate and advanced learners gain proficiency in French.

Learning French does not mean accumulating knowledge but building your ability to communicate as you wish to write your own story in French.

This is why I create learning experiences that allow you to really transform theory into practice.

And because I love to stimulate your curiosity, motivation, and engagement, my programs invite you to meet French people and to read the many faces of French culture.


Want to know more about my addiction to language learning and delicious ‘macarons’? It’s over here.


From 750€ / 2 days and a half

Accommodation and food not included