Speak Up French

French programs for inspired learners

Are you ready to level up your French?

Speak Up French helps intermediate and advanced learners to hone their French & explore francophone cultures

Speak Up French students have a lot to say and refuse to let fear stop them from speaking.

They want to gain skills, pass their DELF/DALF/TEF exams, exchange and collaborate fully in their environment in French.

They thrive on both discovery and achievement and know that mastering French allows them to genuinely connect with people.

Pauline, French language coach

Welcome to Speak Up French!

I’m Pauline, I create authentic & tailored experiences that build your French skills so you can make the connections you dream of.

I have helped so far over 350 students around the world improve their level and achieve their academic, professional and cultural goals in French.

My coaching combines listening skills, fine analysis and winning strategies. My pedagogy encourages commitment, sustained practice and maximum interactivity.

inspired learners



success rate DELF/DALF

For optimal progress

Whether it’s an individual session, an intensive program or an immersion course, Speak Up French’s programs allow you to quickly improve the mastery of your 4 core skills to perfect your clarity of expression and understanding. This allows you to make each situation a real opportunity to connect.

Speak with confidence


Hone your writing skills

Improve your listening skills

Adopt the right strategies

Receive relevant feedback

For French culture(s)

Learning French is a real cultural experience and not a simple acquisition of knowledge. It is an exploration that enriches your command of the language as well as your perspective.

 French culture has a rich historical, artistic and literary heritage, well-known and lesser-known places and people, an ever-renowned gastronomic tradition, and like every culture issues and debates. Those of a changing society in a world on the move.

 Speak Up French Le Podcast helps you to explore and decode French culture beyond stereotypes.  Listen to natives talk about their experiences of life, work, leisure, art, and express themselves on social issues and more!

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