Are you at the intermediate or advanced level?
Here is how I can help you get even better  

Imagine being able to communicate with confidence in French

What if you could…

:coche_trait_plein: express yourself more naturally and with ease as you do in your native language

:coche_trait_plein: no longer be afraid to make mistakes (since you know how to take advantage of them!)

:coche_trait_plein: finally be able to watch, listen to, and read the movies, podcasts, and books you want

:coche_trait_plein: have richer interactions and develop your network in French

:coche_trait_plein: pass your exam, enter a French university or get the job of your dreams

Pauline, French Neurolanguage Coach ®

Welcome to Speak Up French!

I am Pauline, I create authentic & customized experiences that help you develop your French skills so you can make the connections you dream of.

I have helped so far over 550 students around the world to improve their French language skills and achieve their academic, professional, and cultural goals in French.

My coaching combines sharp listening skills with winning strategies. My pedagogy focuses on commitment, motivation, and full immersion in the language.

determined students



DELF/DALF success

Learn to communicate with confidence in French to turn your conversations into real opportunities

You will:

:coche_trait_plein: express yourself more fluently

:coche_trait_plein: understand French and be understood more easily

:coche_trait_plein:  create connections in a more natural way

I started taking classes with Pauline to prepare for the DALF C1. I lacked confidence but with the lessons I gained the confidence I needed to succeed. In the end, the result was even better than I expected: my final score was 85.5!

Pauline is a very patient and attentive teacher. Even on days when I was frustrated, she encouraged me to go further. The DALF C1 was the first step in pursuing my dream: to start a master’s degree in France. I highly recommend Pauline, for her professional competence and her thoughtfulness.



I have been learning French with Pauline for over two years.  She is what I like to call my “Super-Prof”.

She has knowledge in a wide range of subjects, her conversation is intellectually stimulating, no matter what level of French you have, constantly correcting mistakes as you go along, without appearing condescending.

You will learn not only delicate conjugations such as the conditional and the compound past tense, but also a lot about magical personalities in French culture such as Honoré de Balzac, Robert Bresson, and Jacques Tati.

Not only am I learning faster than ever, but I’m relaxed and having fun all the way through (and I’m sure Pauline’s laughter is sincere!).


United States

Not only did I reach my C1 level in French thanks to Pauline, I also have my own way of learning more efficiently. I particularly appreciate the way Pauline encourages us. In my case, I have made enormous progress, especially in the context of academic writing.
Pauline is a multi-talented FLE coach, the learning goes beyond the language. Her school Speak up French is a nugget that I highly recommend to all francophiles. Thank you so much for your support and for bringing out the best in your students!



Are Speak Up French programs right for you?

Yes, they are right for you if…

  • you are at an intermediate or advanced level but you feel stuck in your learning journey
  • you don’t know why you’re not making progress or what to do about it
  • you are preparing for the DELF B1, B2 or the DALF C1, C2
  • you are preparing for the TEF or the TCF
  • you wish to immigrate to a French-speaking country
  • you work in France or in a French-speaking environment
  • you wish to have longer and richer conversations with your French neighbors, friends, acquaintances or colleagues
  • you want to be able to read your favorite French authors in French and watch movies without subtitles!
  • you are at level A1-A2 and are damned highly motivated

No, they are not right for you if…

  • your level in French is A1-A2 and you are satisfied with it
  • you don’t like to take action and are not ready to make an effort
  • you prefer to wait for the day when you can learn French through telepathy