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Find out why politeness is important in France, how to talk about yourself. Plus, learn about verlan.
Stop using the expression « oh la la », learn about the different meanings of the verb « assurer » and Alain Bashung.
Listen to Justine, a born Parisian, tell us about the Paris she loves and knows: an eclectic Paris!
I interview a multi entrepreneur who reveals his recruitment methods and expectations of non-native candidates.
Listen to Benjamin, Collective Intelligence facilitator, tell us what his job is and what its assets in our modern society.
Jean has always loved to paint, his passion then became his profession. He tells you about his research and his inspirations.
Listen to Eleonor, actress and singer, talk about her career and her artistic inspirations. 
Meet Rémi, scenographer! He tells us about his work and his passionate self-taught path.
Listen to Ben, a wine grower, tell us about his discovery of wine, winetastings and vines.
Meet Jean-Luc, chef & restaurateur: he tells us about his job and his training!  (episode 1 of 2)


Let’s continue our discussion with Jean-Luc: restaurant’s critics and couscous “au menu”!  (episode 2 of 2)


Meet and listen to Bertrand, sailor and ship’s captain, tell us about navigation and a great French navigator


France is famous for its strikes, isn’t it?Listen to these testimonials on the subject and master the complex pronouns!


Listen to Tiffany, a photographer, tell us about her craft and the artists who inspire her – or not! 


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