DELF B2 Course

You want to take the DELF B2 exam but you don’t know where to start?

  • Are you afraid you will fail?
  • Are you unsure about how to structure your text and your speech in French?
  • Or maybe you are tired of books or courses that tell you what to do BUT leave you alone all the way?

What about acquiring the right methodology AND strategies

that will save you time and points?

What if…

✔️ You had a foolproof method to optimize your preparation time 

✔️ You knew the structures and tricks that can be adapted to any topic

✔️ You were guided and coached all the way through

✔️ You could avoid the most common mistakes that take points away from you

✔️ You knew how to turn your mistakes into opportunities – and win points rather than lose them!

The most complete preparation for DELF B2

Speak Up DELF B2 prepares you thoroughly for the different tests and helps you acquire the essential strategies to obtain an excellent score!

Speak Up DELF B2 is the only course that :

  • Cover more than 16 essential and current themes
  • Helps you efficiently revise more than 14 key grammar points
  • Teaches you a step by step infallible methodology and strategies
  • Shows you how to use your mistakes and overcome your blockages
  • Offer you individual corrections & feedbacks

At the end of the training, you will know how:

  • Organize and maximize your different preparation times
  • Build a well-structured and relevant plan for all types of subjects
  • Express yourself clearly, compellingly, and efficiently
  • Express yourself with ease (even if you are not fluent yet!)
  • Make a good impression in any situation
  • Build a true connection with your audience

I am so satisfied with the Pauline’s Réussir le DELF B2 course. She has created an intensive and perfect program for the preparation of the DELF B2!



Pauline helped me a lot to pass the DELF B2 exam. She is patient and has often associated similar themes of written comprehension and oral expression. I find that it was very helpful. Indeed, these are the two sections where I got the best marks.



I’m currently taking Pauline’s DELF B2 training course. I’m preparing to take the DELF B2 test in a few months. I chose this particular course because I was looking for something tailored specifically to the DELF B2 exam. Each level of a language and the associated test has its own set of particularities that need to be studied in detail. With Pauline’s course, I get exactly that.
Each week I have a new subject, which is relevant to the exam, and through it, I work on each of the 4 required skills; oral and written comprehension, and oral and written expression. Each skill has its own exercises and instructional material during the week. In addition, Pauline provides instruction on the methodology to master each skill. A sort of ‘how-to’ or ‘best-practices’ to develop each skill to the maximum.
Then at the end of each week, there is an intensive 1-1 video session where we go through the results and key learning for that week.
Pauline is there to teach and guide you through the whole process, provide detailed feedback to help you improve, to emphasize key areas to work on and to encourage you through the whole journey. If you’re looking to prepare for the DELF B2 text I can’t recommend Pauline’s intensive course enough.



I received my exam results today, I passed! 😁I got 69.9 points out of 100!



Here is what you get access to:

✔️ 18 oral expression test training exercises
✔️ 18 written expression test training exercises

✔️ 18 listening comprehension test training exercises 

✔️ 18 reading comprehension test training exercises
✔️ 16 strategic and methodological guidelines
Corrections (video, audio, transcription) of the training exercises
✔️ 14 modules for revising key grammar points

✔️ 1 mockup exam

✔️ 12-week personalized coaching: 12x 60-minute 1-on-1 session, individual corrections (oral & written expression), tailored winning strategies

✔️ Access to a private group & lifetime access to the platform

Get personalized coaching & Double your score

Speak up DELF B2 Premium

the whole content
+ 12 sessions 1-on-1 | 60 min
+ 1 mock exam in real-time
with personalized corrections
+ lifetime access to the platform
+ access to a private group

Pauline, French Neurolanguage Coach ®

As a certified FLE teacher, I founded Speak Up French to help intermediate and advanced learners gain skills and achieve their professional, academic, or cultural goals in French.

Preparing for the B2 DELF exam can be both demanding and stressful. And yet, all you need to do is adopt the right methodology to optimize all your skills, turn your obstacles into successes and double your points!

I have put all my FLE expertise into this Speak Up DELF B2 training to help you pass your exam brilliantly and become an excellent communicator in French.


I have not taken the DELF B1 but I would like to take the DELF B2, can this training help me?

Yes, of course!  This training is complete: it allows you to prepare for the different tests in an intensive and strategic way but also to revise the grammar points that you need to master. But to make sure you have the level required to take this exam, send me a message!

The DELF and DALF exams are being reformed. Is the training based on the old formula or the most recent one?

As the reform has been active since 2020 in many but not all examination centers (they will all have to implement it by 2023), this course prepares you for both types of exams.  Each training sheet tells you whether it is the old or the new version of the exam. And your personalized coaching makes sure you are perfectly trained and prepared no matter where you take the exam.

How does the 6-week coaching work?

Personalized coaching starts at your registration: you schedule your 6 individual sessions (1 session per week) during which you will carry out your oral productions. Your written productions are to be handed in within a week. During these 6 weeks, you can ask me questions as soon as necessary! Once the coaching is over, you keep lifetime access to the training and to the private group dedicated to learners preparing an official exam. 

I started the training but decided not to continue, can I get a refund?

You have access to all the contents of the course for life, as soon as you register, so you cannot be reimbursed if you wish to stop or postpone your DELF B2 preparation.  Nevertheless, I encourage you to continue your preparation! Passing an exam is such a motivating step! Send me a message if you have a doubt or a question: contact me.