Do you know the expression “combining business with pleasure”? That’s exactly what I’m offering you with this listening comprehension ‘exercise’. Make some popcorn, bring your favorite drink, let’s go!

Like all French language learners, you surely want to understand French speakers in real life and watch movies and series without subtitles. But understanding the entirety of a speech or a conversation is a real challenge: people usually speak very fast and oral French is full of contractions…

And then, it is even like this ‘oral French’ is a very different French than the one you know or are currently learning! Another language, almost?

In order to improve your listening comprehension, it is necessary to expose yourself regularly to this type of situation. Here is an exercise that combines Listening Comprehension and Expression. It also teaches you how to evaluate yourself and set objectives. Results are guaranteed.


This exercise is based on the trailer of Daniel Cohen’s film “Le Bonheur des uns”, released in 2020.

The story? Here it is:


“Léa, Marc, Karine and Francis are two couples who have been friends for a long time. When Léa tells her friends and her boyfriend that she has published a book that has become a bestseller, jealousy immediately takes hold of her friends, while her boyfriend experiences her sudden popularity very badly”.

Start here by answering this first question: